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  • Remembering Dad, Part 11

    Even after dad was diagnosed with cancer, he kept a positive attitude.  His faith in God never wavered.  He knew that God was in control and that He was going to take care of him.  There were many times when dad talked to the nurses …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 10

    Dad not only cared for his daughters but for his son-in-laws as well.  Each Christmas he would have a “shop talk” with them.  When it was time to go to the shop, we always teased the guys and said that they were getting in trouble.  …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 9

    Dad always tried to make small talk with people.  I think he wanted people to know that someone cared about them.  So, I must share this hilarious story with you.  At one point McDonalds had a window where a person took your order.  One particular …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 8

    One of my memories of dad is that he was such a giving person.  He would give the shirt off of his back for someone if they needed it.  God gave him a talent of being able to fix lawnmowers.  I can’t tell you how …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 7

      Dad taught us to be hard workers.  When one of my sisters wanted to follow her dream of going to college, dad didn’t tell her that we didn’t have the money to pay for it.  He got a second job working in the tire …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 6

    I think that part of my being an independent person is thanks to my dad. He taught us to be able to take care of ourselves. He took each of us out to the car and showed us how to change the oil. Mind you, …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 5

    One thing that I always remember is our family having a garden.  Dad would get out the tiller and make rows and we would help with the planting.  He didn’t just plant tomatoes and cucumbers, but a plethora of different things.  There were a few …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 4

    Whenever we would go to the grocery store after church, we always wanted dad to go into the store hoping that he would get a treat.  As he exited the store, we would scan the bags to see what he had, looking for ice cream …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 3

    Growing up our family earned extra money by cleaning the City Hall.  We each had different responsibilities.  So, at an early age we learned how to properly clean.  One thing I remember that dad would always tell us was, “Do it right or don’t do …

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  • Remembering Dad, Part 2

    I’m so blessed to have had a dad that was the spiritual leader in our home. Growing up we frequently had family devotions together. Whenever Annissa and I sat together, she would make me start laughing. We all knew that this would not end very …

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