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  • Cashier

    Coupon Etiquette, Week 5

    Over the last few weeks we’ve touched on a few coupon etiquette rules. This series has only scratched the surface and we could probably go on for another month. Today we’re going over a few miscellaneous rules. Doublecheck the items on sale: Just because you …

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  • Coupon Etiquette, Week 4

    Now, I’ve never even considered doing this so when my cashier friends told me about this I thought it was quite interesting.  Please do not get your items, head up to the register, show your cashier the coupons you have and expect them to figure …

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  • Coupon Etiquette, Week 3

    Picture this. You’re on your way home and you realize that you need milk and bread. So, you run into the store and quickly grab your items. When you head up to the registers you realize that there’s only one register open and the person …

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  • Coupon Etiquette, Week 2

    You’ve made your list and scenarios and are headed to the stores. You’re actually excited about the deals that you’ve put together and hope to get out of the store paying pennies for a lot of great goodies. As you round the corner to the …

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  • Coupon Etiquette, Week 1

    As I was thinking about topics for this coupon etiquette series, I interviewed a few of my favorite cashiers at the local stores that I shop at. Today’s topic is one that they shared with me. Let me just say that they were very adamant …

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