• Budgets Spouses And Making It Work Featured

    Budgets, Spouses & Making It Work!

    Living on a budget isn’t always easy, especially for beginners. Your excel sheet or envelopes are ready to go and it’s time get started, but you can’t seem to get your spouse on board. He loves the idea of saving money and becoming debt free …

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  • Date Ideas 2 Player Games For A Stay At Home Date Night Feature

    Date Ideas: 2 Player Games For A Stay-At-Home Date Night

    Do you need an inexpensive date idea? Why not do what we do and have fun playing games. These 2 player games are perfect for teens, new couples and even old married couples like us. Plan ahead for a stay at home date night on …

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  • Is Honesty Always The Best Policy In Marriage

    Is Honesty Always The Best Policy In Marriage?

    Whether you’re in your first year of marriage or your twentieth year, learning how to be honest and have great communication will eliminate problems, help you trust each other and have a happy and healthy relationship. We’re not marriage experts but we want to share …

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  • The wedding and honeymoon are over and now the real work begins. Call it marriage advice but these tips have helped us make our marriage work. Hopefully they’ll work for you too!

    Marriage, Spouses and Making It Work

    I’m not an expert when it comes to marriage but one thing I do know is that it takes work. Check out these four ways we’ve learned to make our marriage work for us. Hopefully they’ll work for you too! The wedding and honeymoon are …

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  • Is your marriage a team sport? Here is a bit of inspiration and three things we can learn from team sports that will help us have an awesome marriage!

    Is Your Marriage A Team Sport?

    A few nights ago I shared with Trent that I was overwhelmed. There were a ton of things on my to-do list – some were things I wanted to get done but a few were things that needed to get done. He listened and tried …

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  • Has Your Spouse Become Your Idol

    Has Your Spouse Become Your Idol?

    While the majority of you reading this will laugh at the thought of your spouse being your idol, there are others of you who are feeling a nudging at your heart and there’s no doubt that you’ve placed your spouse in a position that’s not …

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  • Letting Your Husband Lead

    Letting Your Husband Lead

    This weekend as I was browsing through my DVR for a good chick flick, I found a Lifetime movie called Not Easily Broken. (It would have been better without the language.) Follow along as I share a quote from the movie. Ladies, are we taking …

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  • Every Womans Marriage

    Every Woman’s Marriage Review

    I’m so excited to share Every Woman’s Marriage by Shannon and Greg Ethridge with you. I recently finished a small group study that went through this wonderful book/workbook. Wow, this was a great study! This book is not about how I can change my husband …

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