• Our Misconception Of Perfection

    Our Misconception of Perfection

    “If we’ll have perfect bodies in Heaven does that mean we’ll look like Victoria’s Secret models?” It was a question that came from my high school small group. At first I thought she asked the question as a joke, but when she didn’t grin or …

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  • There are times in life when you can "just do the best you can" for you or your family. And today I'm sharing my story.

    Just Do The Best You Can

    “I did the best I could at the time.” Those were the words I desperately wanted him to hear. We were having a conversation about our (my) whiny dog, Princess. He may not have realized it, but her constant whining annoys both of us. I …

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  • cherish the moments of christmas

    Cherish the Moments of Christmas

    When I think of Christmas, I can’t help but remember my dad who went to be with Jesus a few years ago. I picture him passing out the Christmas presents, watching in delight as we ripped open the packages. Each year he’d read the Christmas …

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  • learning a valuable lesson from a childrens movie

    Learning A Valuable Lesson From A Children’s Movie

    Last month I shared with you how I flew to Missouri to see my sister. One day as we were running errands, I stayed in the car with Cole and baby Kade (who was sleeping) while Annissa went in to an appointment. Cole and I …

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  • does it really matter

    Does It Really Matter?

    My plans for the weekend had been booked for months. It was Fall Retreat for the students at our church and I was super pumped to be a leader. As I finished my workday on Thursday, I had high hopes for Friday morning. There were …

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  • painful situations

    Does Jesus Care About Our Painful Situations?

    Last week I read the story in John about Mary and Martha. It’s a story I’ve heard before but this time I saw it in a different light. (I love that about stories from the Bible! I can re-read them and they’ll jump off the …

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  • social media one sided conversation

    Share Your Thoughts | Is Social Media A One-Sided Conversation?

    I have a subscription based service that I use on a weekly basis (to be fair, I’ve chosen not to share the company name). When I went to use the service a few weeks ago, there were technical problems. I went to their website to …

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  • golden key

    Unlocking the Power of the Golden Key

    I’m a sucker for a good movie. I’ll often set my DVR to tape random movies just to have something different to watch. Sometimes the movies are great and sometimes they’re so boring that I can’t watch more than the first 15 minutes. You win …

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  • No matter what trials we face or who may hurt us, we will always be safe in the Father’s arms! Much like I did, won't you take refuge in his arms?

    Safe In The Father’s Arms

    “I don’t love you. I never loved you.” Those were the harsh words that kept repeating over and over in my mind. How could he have married me if he’d never loved me? Just a few months earlier he had decided to move in with …

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  • We’ve all had times when we didn’t know what to pray. The next time you find yourself not knowing what to pray, try one of these ideas.

    When You Don’t Know What To Pray

    We’ve all had times when we don’t know what to pray! It could be when we’re walking through a crisis, dealing with a difficult person, or simply having a bad day! For years I thought it was horrible when I’d sit down to talk to …

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