• tshanina cole kade and dalton

    Birthdays, Road Trips, and Baking Days

    As I was perusing my site archives last week I happened upon a bunch of posts that were updates of our family. Friend, it’s been 3 years since I’ve shared an update of our family….3 years! (I’m hanging my head in shame!) If you want to …

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  • Dalton eating

    A Peek Into November | A New Recipe, Visit from the Cousins, and more

    Last week was such a whirlwind (more on that in a bit) that when I sat down to write this post I totally blanked on the happenings in November. Sad, I know! It wasn’t until I pulled out my phone and glanced at the pictures …

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  • dalton, tshanina and trent

    A Peek Into October

    It’s been a full, fun month for us. Among other things, Dalton celebrated his first birthday and I got a much needed mommy break! Dalton Turns 1 We’re a low-key family, so the fact that we didn’t throw a huge birthday party for Dalton shouldn’t …

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  • Dalton first year collage

    Dalton Turns 1

    Today Trent and I are celebrating Dalton’s 1st birthday. Can you believe this little guy is already turning 1? The saying “they grow like a weed” really is true. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at how much he’s grown and changed …

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  • Dalton

    A Peek Into September | Football, Rainbows, and more

    With fall comes football. Dalton and I have headed out to cheer on Jayden, our neighbor boy, at this football games. Jayden loves football and it’s fun to see him charge down the field or sack the quarterback. Wouldn’t you agree that sports are more …

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  • Trent, Tshanina and Dalton

    A Peek Into August | My Recipe Fail and more

    Wait, what?! August is already over? Man, this month sure has blown by. I feel like I’ve spent most of the month chasing Dalton around the house more than anything else. The struggle is real folks!   My Recipe Fail I had grandiose plans to …

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  • Tshanina and Dalton

    A Peek Into July | A Project Gone Wrong, Wedding Anniversary, and more

    I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it is quite hot here in Tennessee. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t remember it being this hot last summer! Unless it’s early morning or evening, it’s just too hot outside for this little …

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  • Dalton 8 months

    A Peek Into June | Family Time, A Bonus Check, and more

    I had grandiose plans to share this post with you last Thursday, but life happened. I came home from running my errands, sat down to start writing and learned that our modem had bit the dust. I’ll spare you all the nightmarish events surrounding getting …

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  • dalton

    A Peek Into May | New Landscaping, Haircuts, and More

    I left these two alone for a few minutes (I was actually out mowing the grass – my favorite outside chore) and came back to find this selfie on my phone. Too cute! For those of you that can’t tell, Trent has Dalton holding a …

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  • Dalton

    A Peek Into April | Half Birthdays, Seedlings and more

    I’ve totally fallen off the wagon when it comes to peek into our week posts…sorry! If you’re not already hanging out with me on Facebook I’d love for you to – there’s always a bit of fun happening over there! Ok, let me see if …

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