• the government budgets and a rant

    The Government, Budgets and a Rant

    Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard talk about the government and how they need to balance the budget. I’m not here to blame anyone because of the financial mess that our country is in….there are enough people already doing that! I’m sure you’d …

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  • inspiration_sign

    What’s Your Financial Inspiration?

    Whether you’re working on building up your emergency fund (like me and Trent), working your way out of debt or just trying to make ends meet with your day-to-day finances, wouldn’t you agree that it’s important to have some inspiration to keep going? If we …

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  • ibank 4

    Tracking Your Checkbook with iBank (or Quicken)

    Last week I shared how I work our weekly budget. This week I want to tell you about the software that I use to keep track of our checking/savings accounts. Yes, you can keep track of your checking account the old fashioned way with a …

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  • working our budget 3

    Working our Budget

    If you’ve been around here for any length of time you know that I’m a big fan of a budget! Being on a budget isn’t something to be scared of; you’re simply telling your money where to go each month. Ever 1-2 weeks I sit …

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  • Don’t Be Afraid To Change Up Your Budget

    Over the weekend Trent and I took a look at our budget and decided to make changes in a few line items. If you remember, earlier in the year we ran into a snag and had to use most of emergency fund. (Boy, I’m thankful …

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  • 5 things we splurge on

    5 Things We Splurge On

    When people hear that Trent and I are thrifty they often think that we don’t spend any money. On the contrary – we save in certain areas so that we can spend in certain areas. It goes along with Dave Ramsey’s famous quote, “Live like …

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  • Pennies

    Creative Planning

    My mom recently sent me an article on Fox News sharing how a Massachusetts man made his last mortgage payment in pennies. “Thomas Daigle in April dropped off about 62,000 pennies weighing 800 pounds.” Wow, now that’s a lot of pennies. He started saving pennies …

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  • House Foundation

    A Solid Foundation Is A Must

    Someone in our neighborhood is getting a new house. Oh how excited they must be! The lot has been vacant for years so it’s been neat to see the changes that are being made daily. I’m always amazed at how quickly houses are built, aren’t …

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  • Thankful We Saved For A Rainy Day

    God is good…that’s the only way I know how to start this post! If you’ve been reading my monthly goal posts you know that Trent and I have been working hard to put money back for our emergency fund. It’s been a slow process but …

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  • It’s that time of year…

    It seems like the older I get the faster time passes. It doesn’t seem like it should be Christmas in a few weeks. I guess I better see how much is in the Christmas budget and get my list made. (No, I’m not kidding. I …

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