• how to live in a consumer driven world

    How To Live In A Consumer Driven World

    We live in a consumer driven world where society praises us for having a lot of stuff and teaches us that success is defined through cars, clothes, money and possessions. It’s difficult to be content when we are constantly bombarded with the need to have …

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  • It is possible to have a debt free Christmas, but it's a choice you must make! I'm sharing a few tips that have helped me have a debt free Christmas!

    How To Have A Debt Free Christmas

    Seeing the words debt free and Christmas together may bring mixed emotions. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a debt free Christmas for years but have never been able to achieve it. Or, maybe you laugh at the idea because you’ve always charged your Christmas gifts! If …

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  • The U.S. government's debt limit is up to 16 trillion dollars, and rising. This post (and video) will help you understand the seriousness of this problem!

    The U.S. Government’s Debt Limit Explained

    Ok, I admit it! There’s a lot that I don’t understand about our government. But, one thing I do understand is the seriousness of our nation’s debt. I believe we’re now up to 16 trillion (yes, with a T) dollars, and it’s still growing. Just …

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  • The question I'm asking today isn't whether or not we should have stuff, it's whether or not we should buy something if we can afford the payment.

    If I Can Afford The Payment, Should I Buy It?

    Our society has taught us that we can have anything we want right when we want it. If you don’t believe me, just check out McDonald’s slogan – What you want is what you get. And, Burger King has also jumped on the bandwagon with …

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  • financial lessons from a farmer

    Financial Lessons From A Farmer

    Last month when my sisters were in town we visited a local farmer. We had a blast learning about his chickens, cows and even how he makes honey. But, one thing I didn’t think I’d learn about during our visit was finances. After we helped …

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  • saving 600 with a few hours of work

    Saving $600 With A Few Hours of Work!

    A few days ago Trent’s mom called to let us know that her refrigerator was going out and that she needed to get a new one. Unfortunately we didn’t know of anyone that had a fridge for sale. When we talked to her the next …

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  • van with door falling off

    Making Your Finances Work For You

    Nowadays you never know what you’re going to see as you’re out and about! I mean, it’s not every day that you see a van with the door {almost} falling off! How could I not take a picture? (I wasn’t bold enough to take a …

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  • U.S. Coins and Paper Money

    Extreme Cheapskate | To Be or Not To Be

    TLC has added yet another tv show to their extreme lineup…Extreme Cheapskates. Have you watched it yet? Out of curiosity Trent and I checked it out and, if you’re like us, you’ll only need to watch the show once. I was so embarrassed for these …

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  • the government budgets and a rant

    The Government, Budgets and a Rant

    Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard talk about the government and how they need to balance the budget. I’m not here to blame anyone because of the financial mess that our country is in….there are enough people already doing that! I’m sure you’d …

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  • inspiration_sign

    What’s Your Financial Inspiration?

    Whether you’re working on building up your emergency fund (like me and Trent), working your way out of debt or just trying to make ends meet with your day-to-day finances, wouldn’t you agree that it’s important to have some inspiration to keep going? If we …

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