Blissdom Day #1…

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My day started out on the interstate going 30 mph. (We had a bit of snow here and you know how Southerners get when they see snow…wink)  Luckily I had left in enough time and made it to the conference with extra time to spare.  I shouldn’t tell you this but I actually cut out a few coupons in my car before heading in; only because I had planned to do a Kroger shop after the conference. Dedicated, huh?
Opryland is a huge place so I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going.  When I heard the buzz of chattering women I knew I was in the right area.  There were some awesome speakers today and I enjoyed gleaning from their knowledge.  My brain is full and I’m excited to see what else I can learn tomorrow.
I want to share a few photos of the swag they gave us.  All of these goodies came in this awesome Land’s End bag. Along with some coupons for free items, there’s a Red Lobster card and recipe book, plus more!

I just had to highlight this awesome necklace and charm they gave us.  Also, this jockey keychain is pretty cool.  I’m not sure if I’m bold enough to carry it around but it sure might be fun to see what kind of comments/looks I get.
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