The Blessing of Baby Clothes

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Now that the baby’s room is painted, it’s time to start pulling things together. On Saturday my mom came over to help me get the baby’s room organized so that we could figure out what I need to put on my baby register.

baby clothes in suitcase

Last month when I visited my sister, Annissa, she sent me home with a suitcase of baby clothes. She just had a little guy herself last year and gladly shared her “hand me downs” with us!

We bought some space saver bags to try to pack as many clothes into the suitcase as we could. So much so that the scales at the airport said the suitcase weighed 49 pounds. (I was sweating bullets because the weight limit was 50!)

baby clothes

As I wiped down the dresser/changing table with wood cleaner and polish, my mom started sorting the clothes. I knew there were a lot of clothes in that suitcase, but I don’t think I realized how much! We were both blown away by all that we found!

Princess with baby clothes

And, of course, Princess had to get in on the action too! (I’m sure she thought I was going out of town. She knows what’s going to happen when I pull out the suitcase.)

baby clothes in closet

We filled the dresser with 0-3 months and piled the 3-6 months in the closet. (Along with clothes, there were socks, shoes, hats, blankets and more!)

baby clothes in dresser

There’s no doubt that I’m set on clothing for this little guy! Man, what a blessing it is to have the dresser drawers filled and have more in the closet!

An even added blessing was that my other sister, Charity, and another family member had offered to share their “hand me downs” too. Now they’ll be able to consign or share theirs with someone else!

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it definitely is to me! There are a lot of things we take for-granted in this life, and I want to be thankful for all that the Lord gives me!

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