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Bath and Body Works Sale Shopping

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It’s no secret that I love a good deal! It’s also no secret (at least to me) that Bath and Body Works has awesome clearance deals a few times a year!


I had some Christmas cash burning a hole in my pocket so I decided that I’d gunk around the 75% sale going on at I could have gone to the store to save on shipping but I was feeling spontaneous about my purchases…can you say impulse buy? (Yes, even I have a few of these now and then, but when it’s personal care items that are 75% off I don’t think one can go wrong!)


bath and body works sale shopping


I must give kudos to Bath and Body Works for their awesome packaging. I felt like they brought a piece of their store to my living room! Sometimes it’s the little things that make customers smile…well done Bath and Body Works!


Ok, back to my shopping. As I was adding items to my cart I began to feel a smidge guilty at the thought of paying for shipping. After all, there is a store just 10 minutes away. Then it hit me…I’ll look for a coupon code to sweeten the deal. And I found one for $10 off your $30 purchase! Plus, I remembered that if I shop through Ebates (referral link) I can get 2% back on my purchase.


Side note – if you’re not using Ebates when shopping online you’re missing out. You can get 4% back from Amazon alone, plus cash back from thousands of other stores! I’ve found that it’s best to figure out what items you want, add them to your cart, and just before you’re done head over to Ebates and then checkout! Ok, infomercial is over!


bath and body works sale shopping 2


As I perused the Bath and Body Works site I saw body lotions and shower gels for $2.75 (normally $11), body cream for $3 (normally $13.50), fragrance mists at $3.50 (normally $14)…it was a deal seeker’s paradise.


My original goal was to stock up on their shower gels (these also double as great bubble bath)! Since I’d never smelled any of these fragrances I decided to read the description to see if they might be a fit (this is the part where shopping in the store would have been handy).


I wanted to get the most bang for my buck so I started by adding the cheapest products I could find to my cart (excluding the trial sizes). The upside of shopping online is that the cart does all of the math for you! Since I was using a $10/$30 coupon I simply moved products around until my total came to just over the $30 mark!


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I scored two lotions, a body wash and fragrance mist that I’ll be able to use as a gift this year! These products would retail for $49.50 but I only paid $8 plus tax for them. Now that’s a great gift at an excellent price!


bath and body works sale shopping 1


I got 7 body washes at $1.84 each! I think these’ll keep me stocked up until their next sale! All in all I paid $28.80 for my purchase with $6 of that being shipping and $2.50 tax.


The $10/$30 coupon expired the same day I made my purchases but you can currently use code HAPPYNY (exp. 3/31) or BIGSALE20 (exp. 1/15) to score 20% off your purchase, or BIGSALE40 to score $10/$40! And don’t forget to shop through Ebates…hey, every little bit helps!


Have you scored any awesome deals lately?


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