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  • Put down the cookies and cupcakes and grab this Eggnog Eclair Dessert. It's made its way into my heart and onto my easy desserts recipes! Creamy eggnoggy pudding layered with vanilla wafers and topped with creamy chocolate...yes please!

    Eggnog Eclair Dessert

    I pulled this Eggnog Eclair Dessert recipe out of a magazine last year and have been itching to try it ever since. And let me just say that it did not disappoint. Creamy eggnoggy pudding layered with vanilla wafers and topped with creamy chocolate…yes please! …

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  • Your new baby boy (or baby girl) is finally home from the hospital. But now what? Take a sigh of relief and check out these 10 things a new mom should know!

    10 Things A New Mom Should Know

    Most women wish there was a manual for motherhood. Sadly, there’s not! Every mother needs help, which is why I’m sharing 10 things a new mom should know. Let’s dive right in! 1. Your hormones will be all over the place. You don’t fully understand the …

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  • Dalton eating

    A Peek Into November | A New Recipe, Visit from the Cousins, and more

    Last week was such a whirlwind (more on that in a bit) that when I sat down to write this post I totally blanked on the happenings in November. Sad, I know! It wasn’t until I pulled out my phone and glanced at the pictures …

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  • Christmas crafts and Christmas decorations are done and now it's time to finish your shopping with these deals. You're going to love these Christmas ideas!

    2015 Christmas Gift Card Bonus Deals

    These 2015 Christmas Gift Card Bonus Deals not only let you purchase the perfect gift for that hard to buy person on your list, but they also give you a fabulous bonus that you can keep for yourself or give away! They’re also perfect to …

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  • Once you've finished your Christmas crafts and put away the Christmas decorations it's time to make memories with these 12 must see Christmas movies!

    Top 12 Must See Christmas Movies

    There are hundreds of Christmas movies available to watch. If you don’t believe me, just tune in to the Hallmark Channel when Christmas rolls around. I’ve watched my fair share of movies, both good and bad, and thought it would be fun to compile a …

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  • Christmas Decorations Featured

    20 Fun Christmas Decorations

    Is decorating for Christmas becoming a little mundane at your house? I don’t know about you but year after year I get out the same Christmas decorations and put them in just about the same place as I did the year before. I thought it …

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  • What If Thanksgiving Day Doesnt Turn Out Perfectly Featured

    What if Thanksgiving Day doesn’t turn out perfectly?

    Let’s face it, we all want Thanksgiving to be perfect. But what if Thanksgiving Day doesn’t turn out perfectly? I’m sharing one of my recent flops that may make you feel just a tad better. A few days ago I shared my not so perfect …

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  • It may not be perfect, but I had a blast creating this Turkey Bread and you will too! It's the perfect Thanksgiving crafts or Thanksgiving decorations.

    My Not So Perfect Turkey Bread

    We live in a Pinterest world that’s filled with perfect pictures of recipes, crafts and DIY projects. At first I hesitated sharing my Turkey Bread with you because, as you can see, it’s not perfect. Depending on how you look at it, it’s a cross …

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  • Not sure how to prepare your baby for the church nursery? Stop by for some fab tips that are perfect not only for your baby girl or baby boy, but you too!

    How To Prepare Your Baby For The Church Nursery

    If you’re like me you took your baby into the church service as long as possible. The day came when he no longer slept through the service but became fidgety, made noises and started distracting not only you but those around you. Now it’s time …

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  • dalton, tshanina and trent

    A Peek Into October

    It’s been a full, fun month for us. Among other things, Dalton celebrated his first birthday and I got a much needed mommy break! Dalton Turns 1 We’re a low-key family, so the fact that we didn’t throw a huge birthday party for Dalton shouldn’t …

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