August Traffic and Income Report – $23.22

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august traffic and income report

Why The Monthly Traffic and Income Reports?

I started sharing these monthly traffic and income reports at the beginning of the year. I thought it’d be fun to share this journey with you as I attempt to make an income from Thrifty T’s Treasures. If you’ve been following along (if you want to catch up, here are my monthly traffic and income reports) you know that both my income and traffic have been a bit of a roller coaster. Such is life, right?

This journey has been both fun and challenging. Plus, knowing that I have to report back to you each month has been good accountability for me. It’s also encouraged me to get creative in the ways that I’m able to earn income from my blog without overwhelming my readers with, well, junk.

So, now that you know why I’m doing these reports, let’s take a look at August’s numbers.


Google Adsense – $62.54

PriceGrabber – $21.53

Amazon Affiliate Network – $15.95

Grocery University – $15.70

Linkshare – $6.81 – $5.04

Sovrn – $4.14

My Savings – $4.40

Switch Ads – $.27

Total Income – $136.38



Akismet (anti-spam prevention – yearly fee) – $59

Web Designer – $23.48

Post Expense – $19.67

Host Gator (hosting) – $6

PhotoDune (post image)- $2

inlinkz (Wow Me Wednesday link-up tool) – $1.67

Feedblitz – $1.34

Total Expenses – $113.16


NET INCOME – $23.22


Traffic Overview

August Traffic Overview

Top 10 Traffic Sources

August Top 10 Traffic Sources

Thank you The Better Mom for being my number 1 blog referral!


A small, positive number is better than a negative number (like last month), right?

Oh The Expenses

I had quite a few expenses this month, but I’m pretty excited because my income increased by 29% this month. That increase definitely helped offset the cost of the expenses!

Unless you want to deal with tons of comment spam, Akismet is a tool that every blogger needs. It’s definitely worth $59 for the year to not have to deal spammers!

I also had another project for my web designer. At the beginning of the month I installed the free Sucuri plug-in on my site. Honestly, I was quite shocked at how many hackers attempted to log into my site. (This is the #1 reason why I recommend not to have the admin username for your site set as as Admin in How To Start A Blog.) So, my trusty web designer installed a double log-in to cut down on hackers. And, it’s done the trick quite well.

I also had almost $20 in post expenses. And while that doesn’t sound like much, every penny adds up. But, I also know that you have to spend money to make money. A few of the expenses were for posts that I’ll be sharing in September, so fingers crossed that they pay off!

Pinning Away

As you can see from my traffic sources, Pinterest continues to be my #1 referral. I’ve noticed that pinning in the evening drives the most traffic. So, every other evening I spend 15-30 minutes pinning to the group boards that I’m part of (usually between 8-10 p.m.). Call me crazy, but it’s fun to watch my analytics after I’m done pinning.

How’d you do in August?

Now it’s your turn to share! How did your blog do in the month of August. What tips and tricks do you have to share? (Please share in the comments below!)


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