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Apple Barn Peach Butter Review

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Apple Barn Peach Butter Review - Find out what this skeptic thought!

One of the items I received for Christmas was Apple Barn’s Peach Butter. I must admit that I was quite skeptical about it. I mean, I absolutely love apple butter so what’s not to love about peach butter. I think it was the name that threw me off.

Let me just tell you that this Peach Butter is to die for…well, maybe not that extreme but it’s really, really good! As you can see from the above picture, it was so good that half of the jar is already gone! You definitely can’t have just one spoonful of this yumminess!

Apple Barn Peach Butter Review - Find out what this skeptic thought!

Your mouth will begin to water as you imagine a pairing of peach and cinnamon. Not too much cinnamon but just the right amount. This Peach Butter is not only so very tasty but you can actually recognize all of the ingredients on the label!

I highly recommend that you treat your tastebuds to Apple Barn’s Peach Butter! If you don’t have any immediate plans to travel to the Smoky Mountains you can order it from their website.

This is NOT a sponsored post; I simply wanted to share a great product with you! If you work at the Apple Barn and want me to review any of your other yummy products, I’d love to!

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