A Speechless Moment

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Last night as I picked up my little neighbor boy for church, I noticed that something was different and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

His cousin had come last week (he had told me in the weeks past and was super excited about his visit). I asked him how his visit with his cousin went and he said that his cousin was grumpy. I asked him what made him grumpy but he didn’t know why. Then something strange happened. He told me he wanted to be quiet. Honestly, I was shocked. So, we sat there in silence for a few minutes.

Knowing how much this little guy likes to talk a few minutes later I asked a few questions – trying to figure out if he still wanted to be quiet. I asked him about Easter and got to tell him that Easter was a day when we celebrate Jesus raising from the dead. He quickly cut in with, “I don’t think the Easter Bunny’s real. I think it’s the parents.” I told him that he was right.

He had talked about his mean grandparents before but this time when he mentioned them I asked him why they he thought they were mean. Apparently his grandpa had asked him to take out the trash and he thought it was his grandpa’s job. I reassured him that family members each have chores. He said he doesn’t have chores and he doesn’t want them. I told him that I have chores that I don’t like to do but I have to do them anyway. Then I told him how Trent takes out the trash for us and that he probably doesn’t like doing it.

Then he said something that took me back. He told me he was mad. When I asked him why he said, “Because my mom left me.” I was speechless but knew I needed to say something, anything. So, I told him I was sorry. He went on to tell me that he remembers the day his mom left. His parents were arguing with each other and he tried to get them to stop. He remembers them telling him to shut-up. I tried not to let him see me tear up. After all, what good would that do for a 7 year old to have a blubbering adult in the front seat? I told him that sometimes adults say things they shouldn’t, that what happened to him wasn’t fair, that I was sorry, and that, most of all, it is ok for him to be sad.

All through church my heart hurt for this little one who remembers something that happened to him when he was 3. I have no idea what triggered these emotions within him but I have no doubt that they are deep wounds that only God can heal. He was quiet again on the way home and didn’t want to tell me what he had learned. I didn’t push him but just let him be. And even though there is deep pain in his little heart he still wore a smile on his little face.

God has big things in store for this little guy! Will you pray for my little neighbor friend and that God will comfort him and that he will someday have a relationship with our Heavenly Father who will “never leave him nor forsake him”?

Thrifty T


  1. Jill

    How sad! I just prayed for him. It’s great he has you and Trent in his life to be a positive influence for him.

    • ThriftyT

      It is sad and it nearly broke my heart hearing him say that. Thanks for praying for him Jill!

  2. Mom

    I cannot even begin to imagine the broken heart inside this little boy. May God continue to use you to show him what LOVE is all about.

    • ThriftyT

      I can’t either, but God can heal his heart!

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