A New Chapter…

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Today has been such a very interesting day for me full of all kinds of different emotions.  After nearly four years working as an administrative assistant I closed that chapter in my life and am now going to be walking down a new road. God is so neat in how He orchestrates our lives isn’t He?  Last year at this time I probably would have never guessed I’d be walking down this new path.

When I first starting working as an administrative assistant I felt the huge need to be needed.  Little did I know that I was trying to fill a void that only God could fill in my life.  So, after walking down a road of healing in my life I came to the realization that I don’t need to feel needed to live a fulfilled life. After a lot of prayer and seeking direction from the Lord, He gave me peace about my new career path.  I love it when He gives peace, don’t you?

What will I be doing you ask?  I’m going to start doing web design!  I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and web design has really intrigued me. Earlier this year when I was at Blissdom Conference is when I think God first started tugging on my heart and pulling me in this new direction.

I’m excited about this new chapter in my life.  I’m so thankful for my sweet husband who has been so supportive of me as we walk down this new road together!

I know you’ll be excited for me too and will be cheering me on!

Thrifty T


  1. Ros Horton
    Ros Horton10-28-2011

    This is getting too crazy – we need to talk! I've had a ministry web project on the back burner for a while because web design is over my head.

  2. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T10-28-2011

    Ros – I'll send you an email. Sounds like God had our paths cross for a reason!Charity – Thanks for cheering me on! Love you too precious sister!

  3. Charity R.
    Charity R.10-28-2011

    Yay!!! Definitely cheering you on! Love you!!! :)

  4. Robin Longstreth
    Robin Longstreth11-03-2011

    Congrats, friend!!!

  5. Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet
    Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet11-07-2011

    How exciting for you! :) Isn't it neat how God works?!

  6. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T11-07-2011

    Thanks Robin!Jamie, yes God is pretty awesome. Thanks!

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