3 Keys to an Abundant Life | Emotional Health



does my life really have purpose

Many times we ask if our life has purpose when we’re walking down a difficult road, feeling down in the dumps, or just having a day where nothing seems to go right. I want to stop right here and let you know that you’re not alone; we all have these moments in our life.

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our misconception of perfection

“If we’ll have perfect bodies in Heaven does that mean we’ll look like Victoria’s Secret models?” It was a question that came from my high school small group. At first I thought she asked the question as a joke, but when she didn’t grin or giggle, I realized she was serious.

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Is it time to take a social media fast featured

Do you ever wish you could just get away…from life, people, or even everything? I want to show you why it’s imperative that you occasionally take a break from social media. Trust me, Facebook, Instagram, and all of the other social media platforms will be there when you get back. Give yourself permission to put up a “be back soon” status and enjoy a social media fast.

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Learn to Look for the Beauty Around You

As I look around at this world we live in it’s very easy to see all of the brokenness and heartache. But if you look closely you’ll see the beauty around you…it’s not always easy to find but it is out there, my friend!

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