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  • tales of an inexperienced mom march

    Tales Of An Inexperienced Mom

    There was no doubt about it – Trent was absolutely enamored with Dalton the minute he entered our lives. He is such a wonderful dad and when he’s around Dalton he morphs into this person that I’ve never seen before….it is so precious to watch …

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  • how to save on fruits and vegetables featured

    How To Save On Fruits and Vegetables

    It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are expensive, but we need them in our diets so they’re not really optional. How to save on fruits and vegetables is an age old problem. The solution that I’m sharing with you today isn’t the end all …

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  • Dalton And Tshanina

    A Peek Into Our Week | Quiet, Church, and more

    It’s been kinda quiet around our house. Well, except for a crying baby every now and then, but that’s normal with a little one! I hesitated sharing a peek into our week post but figured you’d be itching to see a few baby pics. :O) …

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  • february 15 traffic and income report

    February Traffic and Income Report – $120.37

    Wow! Maybe it’s because it’s the shortest month of the year but it sure feels like this month flew by fast didn’t it? Let’s dive right in to the numbers shall we? Income The Blogger Network – $110.01 Amazon Affiliate Network – $41.16 Grocery University …

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  • cooking session

    Cooking Session | Apple Brownie, Skillet Cornbread and more

    This cooking session was born out of wanting to create a couple recipes and needing to use up some apples and strawberries that were on the verge of destruction. I have a hard time throwing away food, but especially fruit because it’s so crazy expensive. …

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  • how to swaddle a baby

    How To Swaddle A Baby

    I learned how to swaddle a baby from the fabulous nursing staff at the hospital where our son was born. Swaddling is a wonderful tool to have in your new mommy (or daddy) tool belt and you’ll feel so fulfilled once you’ve mastered this task. …

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