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  • Grandmas Pumpkin Roll With Cream Cheese Filling

    Grandma’s Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling

    Just like the title suggests, this is my grandma’s Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling recipe! As you can imagine, this recipe is a bit nostalgic, especially since she has gone home to be with the Lord! It brings back childhood memories of visiting for …

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  • yard sale sign

    Tales From Our Yard Sale

    Last month my sister told me she was going to have a yard sale and asked if I had anything to sell. Sadly I didn’t because just a few months earlier I cleaned out the house and took some goodies to the donation! I did …

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  • Candy-Cane-Crunch-Rice-Krispie-Treats

    Favorite Pinterest Finds | Rice Krispie Treats

    Today’s favorite Pinterest finds are from my Deeeeelicious Desserts Pinterest board! I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of rice krispie treats! They’re a treat that I never tire of! Okay, here are a few of my favorite finds! Pumpkin Spice Rice …

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  • granny flos chocolate gravy

    Granny Flo’s Chocolate Gravy Review & Giveaway

    “It doesn’t matter what the question is…chocolate is the answer.” With a slogan like that, how could you not want to taste Granny Flo’s Chocolate Gravy? And just in case you’re wondering. Yes, this is actual chocolate gravy! It’s not just a brown gravy with …

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  • No matter what trials we face or who may hurt us, we will always be safe in the Father’s arms! Much like I did, won't you take refuge in his arms?

    Safe In The Father’s Arms

    “I don’t love you. I never loved you.” Those were the harsh words that kept repeating over and over in my mind. How could he have married me if he’d never loved me? Just a few months earlier he had decided to move in with …

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  • dirty window

    Shower Curtain Liners, Cleaning and Weekend Ramblings

    Yesterday after sleeping in (one of my favorite things to do on the weekend) and then putzing around on the computer for a while, I finally got off my duff to get some work done. I had quite a few cleaning items on my to-do …

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  • The U.S. government's debt limit is up to 16 trillion dollars, and rising. This post (and video) will help you understand the seriousness of this problem!

    The U.S. Government’s Debt Limit Explained

    Ok, I admit it! There’s a lot that I don’t understand about our government. But, one thing I do understand is the seriousness of our nation’s debt. I believe we’re now up to 16 trillion (yes, with a T) dollars, and it’s still growing. Just …

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  • Caramel Orange Monkey Bread

    Caramel Orange Monkey Bread

    My mother-in-law made this Caramel Orange Monkey Bread for one of our family get-togethers, and it was a recipe that Trent just had to have (I’m sure you can see why). She loves to cook and is not afraid to try new recipes. Lucky for …

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  • bounty basic paper towels

    Sale Shopping | Bounty Paper Towel Rolls for $.50 each, shipped

    Being a girl who’s always on the hunt for a fabulous deal, as soon as I saw this deal I knew I had to share it with you! After all, it’s been forever since there’s been a good deal on paper towels, and it’s not …

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  • We’ve all had times when we didn’t know what to pray. The next time you find yourself not knowing what to pray, try one of these ideas.

    When You Don’t Know What To Pray

    We’ve all had times when we don’t know what to pray! It could be when we’re walking through a crisis, dealing with a difficult person, or simply having a bad day! For years I thought it was horrible when I’d sit down to talk to …

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