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  • Blueberry-Lemon-Sweet-Rolls

    Favorite Pinterest Finds | Breakfast Foods

    Today’s favorite Pinterest finds are from my breakfast nook board! These recipes make me want to reach through my computer screen for a bite. I can’t wait to make these yummy recipes! To see each project, simply click on the source below each photo! Blueberry …

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  • Eat Up Your Veggies

    “Note to self – never eat at Tshanina’s house.” Those were the words that I heard from Jayden (my 7 year old neighbor friend) as he ate supper with us last week. No I’m not kidding! I couldn’t make this stuff up! He’d asked to …

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  • shrimp boil - corn, new potatoes, sausage and shrimp

    Super Easy Shrimp Boil

    Trent’s been asking for shrimp, so a few weeks ago when they were on sale I bought some. (Even on sale they’re so expensive. But, I guess it’s cheaper to make it at home than it is to get it at a restaurant!) I couldn’t …

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  • are you sowing sparingly or generously

    Are You Sowing Sparingly or Generously?

    As I was reading my devotions this morning I ran across II Corinthians 9:6. It says, “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” It was definitely a verse that jumped out at me – I …

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  • tomato plants in garden 2

    Time To Plant A Garden

    We both agree that there’s nothing better than a ripe tomato fresh out of the garden, and Trent has been itching to plant a garden! So, yesterday when we were in town we stopped by a local greenhouse and picked up a few plants (I …

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  • all fruit ice cream

    All Fruit Ice Cream with Yonanas

    One thing we love in our household is ice cream. The only downside to that is the extra pounds and inches that come from indulging in a bit of creaminess. My mom bought us a Yonanas a few months ago. I thought there was no …

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  • When The Pain's Too Much To Bear

    When The Pain’s Too Much To Bear

    As I headed up the driveway to take my daily walk I remembered that I had rubbed a blister on the back of my ankle the previous day – it was right where the top of my tennis shoe hit my ankle. After taking just …

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  • zucchini bread

    Zucchini Bread

    You already know that I’m a sucker for a good deal. A few days ago when I was shopping at Aldi I spotted zucchini on sale 3/$1! That’s a fabulous deal and I scooped some up. I already knew that I was going to make …

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