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I'm Tshanina (Thrifty T)! I blog about real life and share what I learn (my treasures) along the way. I enjoy the simple things in life, love to laugh, and am always on the hunt for a fabulous deal! Learn more...

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  • If you’re looking for easy desserts then look no further. These Honey Banana Cupcakes are not only guilt-free but super simple to make!

    Heavenly Honey Banana Cupcakes

    These Honey Banana Cupcakes are the perfect guilt-free dessert, and I love that they’re super easy to make! This recipe is near and dear to my heart because it was my grandpa’s recipe! He made it as cake but I turned it into cupcakes last year for Dalton’s 1st birthday and we’ve been enjoying the recipe that way ever since. …

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  • Yes, it is possible to garden anywhere. Even better this type of gardening makes it possible to grow in the summer and the winter. Come take a look and see for yourself!

    How To Garden Anywhere

    I want to show you how to garden anywhere…well, just about anywhere. If you’re a skeptic I totally get it. Gardening anywhere is possible…and I’ll even be bold enough to say that this way of gardening is gardening of the future. Come take a look!   Earlier this year we embarked on a new journey and a fun, new way …

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  • "Play cars?" I was preparing supper the first time I ever heard those words. Continue reading...

    Tales Of An Inexperienced Mom

    “Play cars?” I was preparing supper the first time I ever heard those words. My immediate reaction was to let Dalton know that, yes, he could play with his cars. But then he added “Momma.” Was this little boy that’ll be two in a few months really telling me that he wanted to play cars with me? So I asked, …

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  • If you could transform your finances in the next 30 days would you do it? Follow this super simple tip and I have no doubt that your eyes will be opened to the way you're spending your hard earned money.

    Transform Your Finances with a Money Book

    If you could transform your finances in the next 30 days would you do it? Follow this super simple tip and I have no doubt that your eyes will be opened to the way you’re spending your hard earned money. I’ve helped quite a few people set up their budget. Before we meet I give them homework – track where …

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Super Moist Banana Bread
These tips will help you save money at the grocery store so you can spend more time in the kitchen making your favorite crockpot recipes and chicken recipes. Wouldn't you agree that learning how to save money on food is one of the must-have life hacks?

9 Must-Have Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Whether you are a business professional who works outside the home or a stay-at-home mom who not only has little …

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Save Money At Restaurants Featured

6 Effortless Ways To Save Money At Restaurants

Our family loves to eat out but we don’t like paying full price if we don’t have to. Over the …

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Save Money On Razor Refills Featured

How To Save Money On Razor Refills

After getting my husband hooked on those fancy razor systems I knew we’d needed to come up with a way …

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This Strawberry Dreamsicle Shake is a favorite breakfast or snack recipes. It's guilt free, 5 ingredients and packed full of protein and energy!

Guilt-Free Strawberry Dreamsicle Shake

Grab your blender and whip up this Strawberry Dreamsicle Shake. Not only is it guilt-free but it’s packed with tons …

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The Ultimate List Of Crockpots And Accessories Feature

The Ultimate List of Crockpots and Accessories

In my hunt to put together this ultimate list of crockpots and accessories I was introduced to an entire new …

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These mile-high Cinnamon Appleasauce Pancakes are the perfect breakfast or easy dinner recipes. They’ll make you want to get in the kitchen and start cooking!

Mile-High Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes

These mile-high Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes are a healthier variation to buttermilk pancakes. Your family is sure to fall in love …

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Your new baby boy (or baby girl) is finally home from the hospital. But now what? Take a sigh of relief and check out these 10 things a new mom should know!

10 Things A New Mom Should Know

Most women wish there was a manual for motherhood. Sadly, there’s not! Every mother needs help, which is why I’m …

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Not sure how to prepare your baby for the church nursery? Stop by for some fab tips that are perfect not only for your baby girl or baby boy, but you too!

How To Prepare Your Baby For The Church Nursery

If you’re like me you took your baby into the church service as long as possible. The day came when …

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Is your marriage a team sport? Here is a bit of inspiration and three things we can learn from team sports that will help us have an awesome marriage!

Is Your Marriage A Team Sport?

A few nights ago I shared with Trent that I was overwhelmed. There were a ton of things on my …

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This DIY birthday party centerpiece also doubles as party favors! The only thing you’ll need for your party is cupcakes (or a birthday cake) and gifts.

Easy Birthday Party Centerpiece & Party Favors

This birthday party centerpiece also doubles as party favors that you can send home with your guests. You’re going to …

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Does your kitchen, master bedroom, or kids room need some organization? It sounds like it’s time to declutter your home and these 3 tips will make the process much smoother as you organize!

3 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Home

Do you need to declutter your home? I’m sharing 3 simple tips that I recently learned that will make the …

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Are you looking for the perfect Easter crafts and Easter ideas? You’re going to love these 25 cheery Easter decorations...they’re the perfect diy crafts.

25 Cheery Easter Decorations

Is it time to put out your Easter decorations?  Well you’ve come to the right place because I have 25 …

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Inspiration (Heart Gushes)

  • We Need Community

    3 Reminders Why We Need Community

    It had been a couple of months since I’d been to Bible study and I was super pumped to finally be able to go back. (I hadn’t been able to go because I didn’t have a babysitter.) As I was driving home after meeting with …

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  • Why is life painful? Does pain have purpose? I believe so or the Lord wouldn't allow us to go through it. Come see exactly what I mean.

    Does Pain Have Purpose?

    The question I’m asking to today is, does pain have purpose? Life is hard and through the story of Lazarus (you can read the entire story here in John 11) I want to encourage you that there is a purpose for your pain. Lazarus had …

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